Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I access early intervention services through both Alberta Health Services and Alberta Learning at the same time? No, you cannot as both Alberta Health Services and Alberta Learning are funded through the Alberta Provincial Government. Alberta Health Services will refer assessed preschool and kindergarten aged children that qualify for funding to Early Intervention Agencies in order for them to receive programming in a timely manner at their educational settings.

  2. Why does my child need to be assigned a student number? In order for your child to receive funding through Alberta Learning, they need to be assigned an Alberta Student Number. Every child registered with Alberta Learning is given an unique identification number which follows them throughout their schooling. Your child will simply have this number prior to entering kindergarten. Will I have to remember this number when registering my child for kindergarten? No. The school your child is registered in will have access to this information through the Alberta Learning registry system.

  3. Why does my child need to be assigned a code? Every child accessing Early Intervention funding receives a code based on their level of delay or disability. This code allows Big PLANS to apply for funding from Alberta Learning for the child’s individualized programming. A code is not a label, it is just a means of accessing the funding needed to meet a child’s developmental needs.

  4. Will this code follow my child throughout his/her school years? This early intervention code is removed once they enter formal elementary school, unless your child was assigned a medical code.

  5. Can my child access more than one type of funding? PUF and MM funding are accessed based on the severity of a child’s delays or disabilities, therefore a child could not qualify for both. A children whose first language is NOT English can potentially be eligible for PUF and ELL funding or MM and ELL funding based on their individual needs. 

  6. Can my child access services through more than one early intervention services agency or provider? ‚ÄčNo, funding can only be accessed once. Alberta Learning’s system allows for each Early Intervention provider to see when a child is currently registered with another schooling system. 

  7. How do standardized assessments work? The various assessments our therapists use are based on thousands of children taking the test before it is published. Based on these results formulas are created to break scores into average, below average, above average, etc. as well as percentiles. When a child is accessed with a standardized assessment they are being compared to a very large sample of same aged peers. When the professional administers the test with your child, they record your child’s age in years and months at the time of testing. Their scores are then references against the scores of children the exact same age.